Forum Rules and Guidelines


Violation of the below rules will result in getting banned. We also may modify the rules as we see fit as the forum progresses and gains users, so please check back with the rules for any updates. 


1. No bullying. Whatsoever.

2. Be respectful. No disruptive or intentionally unpleasant behavior.

3. No trolling (intentionally provoking other members for the sole purpose of causing problems)

4. No advertising referral or affiliate links. Links to other sites, blogs, products (as a suggestion to another member) is allowed as long as the sole purpose of posting the link is non commission based.

5. No sexually explicit content, as this is a public forum accessible to those of all ages. The only exception to this rule is relevant artwork which may display nudity in a tasteful way. We will use our own discretion to determine if a post falls within the tasteful guidelines or is too sexually explicit.

6. We encourage discussion about healthy lifestyle choices, holistic medicine, and sustainability. However, any posts encouraging potentially unsafe practices will be removed. Additionally, any posts relating to the hot button issue of vaccinations will be removed as well.


If you have complaints about posts, please send us a message about it and we will take care of it if we deem it in violation of the above rules. If you have complaints of bullying or harassment, please send us a message as well so we may deal with it appropriately.